How often should one fast to counteract bad foods that were eaten? Is it better to fast one day per week, or three days per month, or what way is the most beneficial for maximum health?

First of all, one should not eat foods that are refined or that are not wholesome. If you happen to be in a situation that causes you to eat unwholesome substances then, of course, one has to do something to counter the detrimental effects of his or her misbehavior. There are several ways one may counter misbehavior. You may use one method, or either of them, according to the situation. After you have had a binge, you will be in high gear (stimulated for about a day), until the body has eliminated the poisons. You may not feel bad until the second day after the binge.

In this case it is wise, especially if you have eaten refined products, to eat a salad at each meal, containing a great deal of lettuce, the day after the binge. Then the second day after the binge you may fast, for that is the day you are going to be in low gear. That is, you will feel miserable and tired from having been stimulated by the unwholesome substances. It will help to be able to stay at home and rest completely while fasting, the second day after the binge.

Some people have their low the very next day after a binge. It is very similar to a hangover. They feel tired, out of sorts, depressed and their aches and pains, if they were suffering with any disease, will be worse. If your low comes the very next day, it is best to fast at this time and rest, for if you don’t, having had junk food and not being very hungry and tired to boot, you will tend to go to junk food again to stimulate yourself to get through a completely terrible day.

If you have a tendency to repeat the act, then it is best to cease eating altogether and rest and fast the very next day after the wrongful thing you have done to your beautiful organism.

If you are eating bad foods all the time, you must not fast every other day, or even two or three times a week. You must not fast to counter this situation. You will keep yourself in a hungry state all the time and because you refuse to let yourself eat good food but continue trying to force yourself to fast, each time you misbehave, you will set up a cycle of being hungry because you won’t let yourself eat good food and you will always go out and binge.

This is a similar situation to people who have a hard time losing weight. They can’t lose weight while eating Hygienically when eating fruits so they deny themselves nice juicy sweet fruits only to get a carbohydrate hunger; so they go out and eat candy and other refined carbohydrates. Whereas, if they had permitted themselves a little bit of fruit, and fasted one day a week, they would lose weight, and would be preventing themselves from the cycle of binging on sweets.

if you get into the habit of eating poisoned and refined foods often and think you can undo the evils of this way of life by fasting, you are mistaken. Even though you may fast to help eliminate the poison, your body has done double work. It has to expend energy trying to digest the poisonous substances. Then it has to expend energy to eliminate the poisons.

It has lost minerals and vitamins in both processes. The fast itself causes an extra expenditure of energy because of the extra work it has to do to compensate for the binge. The grand total is negative and equals enervation and a loss of reserves.

It is really a bad policy to think you can overcome the effects of wrong living by fasting. Even though the body can overcome many of the detrimental effects, normal cells are destroyed in the process and the end result is still negative. You cannot build positive vibrant health in this manner.

For maximum health one does not have to fast unless injured or unless there is an acute crisis of some sort. If you live genuinely Hygienically, all you need, because of a polluted environment, is a once a year rest and “tune-up” fast of about eight to fourteen days. If you live in the country, away from all types of pollution, you may not require a fast of that length.

Fasting one day a week may be too much for some people. They may not be able to gain weight, or muscle by fasting this often. Fasting three days a month, for no reason at all, is not necessary. Fasting should be used instinctively. When your hunger is absent, fast. As long as hunger is present and there is no biogony or physical or mental problem then there is no reason to fast. Just live Hygienically.

What about the most efficient cleanser to use daily—intestinal cleanser, yeast cakes, or granulated yeast, juice, lemon juice with salt water, vinegar and maple syrup and cayenne mixture?

You don’t need an intestinal cleanser or otherwise. The lining of the entire gastrointestinal tract is self-cleansing. The mucous membrane, from the mouth to the anus, contains what are known as goblet cells. When filled with mucus these cells look like goblets. Their purpose is to secrete the mucus to keep the lining of our food tube moist and clean. Debris does not collect inside the intestinal tract because the mucus keeps the surface slippery, and peristalsis keeps the food waste moving along toward the anus, where it is voided.

Pay no attention to the sales pitch for colonics and intestinal cleanser, for our intestines are self-cleaning and crusts can’t accumulate in the intestines. All of the substances that are considered cleaners are in reality dirtiers. They are not foods and do not belong in the intestinal tract where they may be absorbed and dirty the system.

Salt is a poison; yeast cakes and granulated yeast are not digestible and are harmful; vinegar has acetic acid and alcohol in it which are poisons; maple syrup is a cooked product and not good for you; and cayenne pepper is a poison that damages the liver and kidneys and irritates all the tissues with which it comes in contact. The only substance that is not poisonous is lemon juice, but since foods don’t cleanse the living organism, that is, the living organism alone cleanses itself, why fool yourself?

Don’t eat bulkless substances. Just eat natural fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts and your intestinal tract will always be clean.

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