Makeup is used by many women (and some men) for several reasons. It highlights the eyes with eyeliner, mascara and/or eyeshadow; the cheekbones with blusher and the lips with lipstick. Foundation, usually a flesh-colored liquid, is used to give an even and unblemished appearance to the entire face.

Many of us are aware that the “natural look” is better, both aesthetically and health-wise. Irritating, often carcinogenic, substances on delicate facial skin and near the eyes and on the eyelashes are unnecessary and phony.

The healthy glow that comes from plenty of sunshine, exercise and wholesome foods; a loving disposition and enough sleep, rest and relaxation, mirrors true health. A healthy person is a beautiful person. Makeup is used to give the false impression of healthful beauty.

If you wear make-up but decide to stop using it, it may take you a while to get used to the “new you.” At first you might not like the natural you because you’re not used to it. But in time you’ll see the phoniness of the makeup on other people as repulsive, not attractive as it used to seem.

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Condiments give a very similar effect to foods as makeup does to faces. They give enhancement that is false. They make the foods seem better-tasting than they really are. With condiments you can eat low-quality or cooked foods and try to fool your taste buds into thinking they’re getting something really good.

Condiments, like makeup, are irritating and harmful end often carcinogenic. You would be much further ahead to purchase higher-quality foods and eat them in their uncooked state. The foods of our natural biological adaptation are wonderful and don’t need seasonings. Likewise, you are attractive naturally and don’t need make-up to enhance your appearance.

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