Your voice is the “front door” to your personality, and like the front door on a real house, much of the impression that folks get of what YOU are like “inside” depends upon the atmosphere about that “front door” of yours. If it is warm, friendly, sincere, and readily opened, folks will get the impression that they are going to LIKE what they find inside.

When you open that door to let your personality COME OUT, the kind of person people see and hear leaving that “house” of yours will depend upon what you say, and HOW you say it. So, your “personality house” will need several doors.

It will need the door of good conversation, through which you enter into cooperative relationship with others, by the exchange of ideas and thoughts, by intelligent listening to others, and by asking complimentary questions.

It will need the door through which you can step and make effective presentations of your good ideas to groups of people, guided by thoughtful, prepared speech, delivered in an interesting, attention-claiming manner.

It will need the door through which you use your voice and, words, to inform others—to instruct—to guide—to influence. Those you meet as you step through this door will be your family, the people with whom you work or have social relationships. (And, of course, your clients!—The Authors.)

The best “hardware” with which to hang these important “personality doors” is a broad vocabulary, an ever-expanding vocabulary, acquired by listening and reading, and choosing new words and phrases as your own.

Put This Bright Finish on Your House

Now with your “house” structure completed, we can add some of the finishing touches, starting with the color scheme. One basic material is yours to work with here, and with it you can put the most attractive finish on your house. This material is OPTIMISM. (Remember that when the principles of Life Science are applied by a person filled with sufficient residual energy to initiate and sustain the recovery process, you will approach a success rate of 100%!—The Authors.)

Take a good look at this world of ours, and what is happening every day, and at just how we are getting along. Take a GOOD look, and you’ll see that this old place is basically going along in an OPTIMISTIC manner! Things aren’t perfect—but there’s a lot more on the POSITIVE side than on the negative. And if you CONCENTRATE on this fact, you will ALWAYS find that there are two sides to every condition—no matter how “dark” something may seem at any one moment.

You can add the perfect decor—the perfect “color scheme” to your personality, by DEMONSTRATING that you can and do find the “bright side” of this world—OFTEN—very often!

Optimism—and all the congenial, happy attitudes it infers—will make YOUR “house” an outstandingly attractive one in the eyes of everyone.

How Fine You Look!

Then, of course, you will want to add the distinctiveness of a good landscape job, so you accomplish this through DRESS and GROOMING.

You know, if we went around in practically nothing but our skins, as do some of our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world, (totally in keeping, of course, with Hygienic principles!—The Authors), we might say that we could greatly simplify this whole matter of wardrobes, and taking care of our clothes, and being concerned about how we “look.” But just suppose that we did make a fantastic switch in our culture, and decided to try it the “South Sea Island” way, with loin cloths, and beads and grass skirts the “fashionable” dress. It doesn’t take any imagination to picture what would happen to the personalities of all of us, does it? I don’t think I would want to argue the merits of such a “fashion” for myself.

I am sure that when you consider the ramifications of the two extremes of culture, the “grass-skirt” motif as compared to the fully-clothed motif, you will see the great responsibility and dependence we place upon clothes and grooming in the kind of society in which we live.

Others don’t see the real skin-clad you. They see the clothes you wear, and the condition of the exposed portions of your body, such as hands, arms, face, hair. Therefore, they are constantly appraising and evaluating you, upon the basis of the quality, cleanliness and good taste of your clothes and grooming.

Harmonious color combinations, good choice of accessories, well-cared-for hair, all add up to the way to “landscape” yourself, so that people will have a continuously agreeable reaction to the kind of person you are. For this reason, your wardrobe should be considered an INVESTMENT—and your grooming a careful preparation for your appearance as an actor or actress on the “Stage” that is your everyday world.

Unlimited Choice of Furnishings

And finally, of course, you will want to furnish your house. Here you have unlimited choice of materials, because you furnish your “personality house” with KNOWLEDGE.

Learning, the seeking of knowledge, the ACQUIRING of knowledge makes your personality grow and prosper. Through an expanding pattern of knowledge in your life, and its expansive effect on your personality, the adding of days and months and years to your life, ACTS IN YOUR FAVOR. Each day that brings you NEW knowledge adds to the power of your personality, and if each changing day brings this knowledge from a DIFFERENT source, adding variety to your inner resources, your personality IMPROVES with age! A most desirable circumstance, isn’t it?

In your “personality house,” there are many rooms to furnish, and so there are many opportunities for using a variety of knowledge. Seek to furnish each room distinctively, through positive, progressive knowledge concerning your vocation, your avocation, your interests, world affairs, community affairs, and the people with whom you associate. Good knowledge of all people and things that concern your everyday living will make your “personality house” one that is COMFORTABLE for you and for others.

Now you know what it takes to make an ideal “personality house.” You know the materials that are required to build one, or to “remodel” your present one. You know HOW to do it. Most important is the fact that you can have a “personality house” that is distinctive for YOU, and which will be seen by others as being most ATTRACTIVE.

You can create the attitude within yourself that will ENABLE you to have this house by doing two PROGRESSIVE things, TODAY!

Do This Today for a Guaranteed Future

First, make an honest inventory of your personality assets and liabilities, by comparing your present habits and attitudes (and the results as they affect your life), with the STANDARDS’ set out for you, as we build that IDEAL “personality house.” Persons who have objectively made such an inventory, under this plan, have had good experiences, because they ALWAYS found that the “remodeling job” suggested to them was easily within their ability to accomplish. The important thing was the they MADE the inventory, so they knew exactly what to do. This is equally important to you, and the results will be equally valuable. (Could this be an appropriate tool, also, in helping clients the better to understand areas of concern in their lifestyle habits?)

Learn more about lifestyle 

Second, based upon your inventory, make a plan to do that “remodeling job”—beginning TODAY! The very act of making this plan, and of taking your first step to ACT according to the plan, will result in a favorable change concerning your future.

From then on, each step that you take to improve your “personality house” will be a forecast of a favorable future.

A Strong Ally for a Bright Future

You have an intimate ally which will go to work WITH you, as you take this inventory, and make this plan. Perhaps I should say that this is an intimate ASSOCIATE, since it can conceivably NOT be an ally.

I am referring to your subconscious mind, that inner part of your mental resources that records all you do, and in turn, influences you to act the way you do. It has always been working this way, and it influences negatively or positively, depending upon what you caused to be recorded there. Record an abundance of negative reactions from the things that you do, and your subconscious mind will be impressed accordingly, and will tend to cause you to continue to act this way. But if you record an abundance of positive ideas and thoughts, your subconscious mind will be impressed by THESE, and will try to get you to continue along the same path. In that case, it will be your ally. Right?

If you apply yourself wholeheartedly to your inventory and your plan, your subconscious mind will be greatly impressed, and it will HELP you go into action on your plan. I know that this is what you are going to do, so I know it will be your ally.

… For every moment of the future that is controllable by you, your attitudes and habits as reflected in this IMPROVED personality, will work POSITIVELY to effect a FAVORABLE control.

Your “personality house’ is you. Make it comfortable, pleasant and secure for yourself, and distinctive in the eyes of others, and the future for YOU is predictable. It cannot help but be a fortunate future!

From Personality and Your Future by Charles M. Simmons

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