Depending on where you live, you have probably walked by a pineapple in a grocery store before. You have maybe looked at its price and said that its too expensive. That you don’t know how to even cut this weird looking thing. And the list goes on.

I understand your worries too because I used to say the same thing. But when its already chopped up for you, boy is it great to just enjoy because its ridiculously tasty.

Did you know however, that there are many health benefits of pineapple juice?

Nutritional Contents:

With its sourness obviously sporting a lot of Vitamin C, the pineapple is also filled with vast amounts of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 (is that a lot of B’s or what?).

It also features a large mineral catalog: manganese, copper, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, and folic acid.

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All of these vitamins and minerals make the fruit extremely good for those who suffer from a cold, sore throat or digestive problems, but the bromelain found in pineapples is best for inflammatory conditions such as; carpal tunnel, arthritis, joint problems, and so forth.

The bromelain has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces swelling and inflammation, thus giving you relief from your pain.

The Problem:

The problem with the fruit is the convenience factor and how we consume it.

Many of us are too busy and don’t take enough time to cut a pineapple but it can be easily done when you’re using it with a blender to make juice.

Most of the bromelain that gives us pain relief is located in the hard center and its not easy for us to eat and putting it in a juicer is likely to break it.

This is why you should purchase either a Vitamix or Ninja blender if you want the full benefits of pineapple juice.

Both are known for being able to break down almost anything you throw at them, therefore they’ll be able to crush the center and blend it into juice, giving you the maximum benefits for anti-inflammation and essentially providing you more value for your fruits, rather than throwing the cores away (less cutting to do too).

What Not to Mix with it:

Pineapples are acidic fruits so its best not to mix them with bananas which are more sweeter. If you want to mix it with any other fruit, stick to the acidic family and you’ll get more of the benefits without any extra difficulty for your digestive system.

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