The Three Phases Of Metabolism

The Three Phases Of MetabolismFirst Phase: Drastic Weight LossDuring the first phase (called catabolism), the accent is on elimination, or breaking down of tissue. The body begins to clean house-to remove the garbage deposited in all the tissues-everywhere. During this period the body “removes … Read more about The Three Phases Of Metabolism

What To Expect When You Improve Your Diet

What To Expect When You Improve Your Diet By Stanley S. Bass, D.C.If I were asked, “which is the area of greatest misunderstanding and confusion in the field of nutrition?”, I would immediately be forced to reply, “It is the failure to properly understand and interpret the symptoms and changes which … Read more about What To Expect When You Improve Your Diet

Symptoms During Dietary Transition

Quick Navigation "In Sickness and in Health ... "The Obstacle To Good HealthThe Cycles of the BodyThe Body As A Healing SystemBody AwarenessSome Unpleasant Symptoms And Their CausesThe Recovery Of HealthQuestions Answers "In Sickness and in Health ... "It was three o'clock in the morning. My wife … Read more about Symptoms During Dietary Transition

A House Divided

“A house divided cannot stand!” We are all familiar with this saying. It applies to families, to countries, and to professions. The voices are loud in extolling the advances of mankind, yet does it not seem paradoxical at this time in our history, when so much progress is reported in so many diverse … Read more about A House Divided

Desire Plus The Doing

Desire is not enough! We must also have the doing! Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) wrote as follows: “We denounce unto men that they will give over trifling, and not imagine that so great a work as stopping and turning back the powerful course of nature can be brought to pass by some morning … Read more about Desire Plus The Doing


Obviously, if we are to be successful in our endeavors, we are called upon to have faith in the fact that what we do is correct. If we are not convinced that our program has merit, that it will bring health; indeed, that it is the only possible way to achieve a better life for ourselves, then we … Read more about Faith

Methods For Inducing A Lifestyle Change

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