The market today is crowded with nonprescription methods of male enlargement and enhancement. Some of them are effective, while others are downright dangerous for use.

The advertisers of these drugs and gadgets target random email inboxes with promotional messages for ointments, pills, supplements, and contraptions which they say can enhance penis size, libido, or sexual stamina.

Without a doubt, there is a lasting problem revolving around male sexual performance. The question is – do these “male enhancements” work? And how to recognize which one is the right choice for you and not just a marketing gimmick?

Paul S, an athletic young man, former quterback at college who now works as a personal trainer in California. Paul has suffered low self-esteem as far as his manhood is concerned, feeling that his penis is too small. He was always extremely cautious not to be seen naked by his friends and sport team. This was sometimes difficult and created akward situations. What made the situation worse later in life is that he felt a sense of embarrassment when being naked before his wife. However, despite his insecurities, his loving wife feels that their sex life is fulfilling.

One day, as he was reading men’s fitness magazine, he spotted an advert for the FastSize Extender, a device the advertisers said could make the penis thicker and longer due to added traction. Paul decided to give the device a try, and for five months, he wore the device for almost eight hours a day. Surprisingly, he started noticing a difference in the size of his penis, having stretched from 3.5 to 5.5 inches and from slightly less than 6 inches to 7.5 inches when erect. He spent $298 on the device, but the boost to his confidence was worth every penny: “I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the results I would pay even $3000. I feel so much more confident.”

Most of the male enhancement products in the market have not received validation from mainstream medical sources. The FastSize Extender is unique because it has been tested and tried by the medical fraternity, although not extensively. Doctors say that majority of nonprescription methods are a waste of money, not mention the danger they pose to the users.

The doctors advise men with sexual performance problems or with their manhood to talk with professionals first. Performance problems are in most cases symptoms of underlying health problems. Doctors can prescribe drugs to boost sexual performance and your overall health.

The Relationship between Sexual and Overall Health

As men become older, the added years can be felt in declining sexual performance. However, a fast nose-diving in male libido should be a red flag.

Erectile dysfunction should also not be taken lightly, mainly because it could be an indicator of the onset of heart disease.

Erectile dysfunction happens because the small blood vessels that transport blood to the penis get blocked or become diseased, earlier than the veins that go to the heart. Their blockage limits the flow of blood to the penis, causing erection difficulties.

The condition thrives because of atherosclerosis, a disease that refers to the deposit of fat particles inside the arteries. ED is the first sign of the condition in young and middle-aged men.

Unfortunately, men suffering from erectile dysfunction tend to buy Viagra and related substances prescriptions, which only takes away the symptoms but not the actual problem.

Controlling weight and cholesterol levels, limiting alcohol and fatty foods intake, quitting smoking, and regularly engaging in exercises can reduce the risk of heart disease. If followed religiously, these regimes can create a lasting positive impact on their sexual health.

Men with diminished libido and erectile dysfunction often have low levels of testosterone, which also leads to low energy levels and bad moods. You can boost your testosterone levels by using a topical gel that contains it but only under the prescription of a doctor. Nonprescription testosterone is highly dangerous although many bodybuilders use it to increase their energy levels.

Using enhancement drugs to boost sexual performance is often ineffective when the underlying issue isn’t physical, but physiological. Psychiatric help or marriage counseling can be more effective in such cases. Often a low dose of Viagra accompanied by counseling is all what a man need.

The Need for a Bigger Penis

From the case study of Richard, it is evident that the FastSize Extender does not give instant results although it does deliver on its promise. Bob, another client who used the device, gained results in over 25 months, wearing it five hours daily, every single day of the week. This accumulated to over 2,600 hours, and all he gained was just over 2 inches of erect length.

At first, he thought his girlfriend would find the whole idea weird, but she was supportive and even reported more sexual satisfaction after Bob’s use of the device. This went a long way in boosting his confidence according to a report he gave to WebMD.

Richard got results faster than Bob, although he wore the device for more hours each day. Wives to both men reported more sexual satisfaction although they were not complaining before, and they both seem to agree that their partners are now more confident.

The idea behind the FastSize Extender came from the breast enhancement technique for women, which has seen many women enlarge their busts, making them feel better about themselves. If the method had proved successful for women, why not come up with a similar technique for men? Chicago urologist Lawrence A. Levine conducted a test on the effectiveness of the FastSize Extender on ten men suffering from Peyronie’s disease. It is a condition that causes shrinkage and bending of the penis.

The study was six months long, and the results showed remarkable improvement in penile length and reduced curvature in the men. Seven of the patients also reported increased girth in penile functions. Levine is the director of male fertility program at Rush University Medical Center. He also worked as a paid consultant to FastSize Extender, and he now prescribes it to many people inflicted with the Peyronie’s disease. Besides, men of standard penile length can also use the device to elongate their sexual organ if they find it necessary.

Another option for penis enlargement is surgery, but it is hazardous and highly controversial. The procedure entails cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis, and the American Urological Association reports that the method is neither safe nor effective. The Association is also opposed to surgeries that aim at injecting fat cells to increase penile girth.

Many doctors are of the opinion that penile-enlargement operation is overrated, with only 35% success rate, and all that the men stand to gain is half inch increment in the length of the penis. They advise men with an obsession for penis length to first go for counseling.

Herbal Solutions to Male Enhancement

Sexual performance boosters date back to days when people had not yet discovered Viagra. Men would consume the then famous rhino horn powder and horny goat weed to enhance their performance. These traditional methods are still available to those who prefer to go “natural”.

There are safe herbal remedies for men who experience a decline in sexual performance. One of the recommended herbal remedies is the Roaring Tiger, which is a combination of the horny goat weed and other extracts together with amino L-arginine.

Sexual Satisfaction in Bed

The internet is full misleading information, and sometimes when you are in a desperate situation, you might be tempted to believe anything that you come across. Online scammers take advantage of men’s sexual insecurities because they know that a man would rather spend several hundred dollars on the internet than go to visit a doctor.

Misleading information has put some men in harmful situations in pursuit of a more protracted or bigger penis. A technique known as “jelqing,” which involves long hours of intense stroking of the penis, has seen some men develop Peyronie’s disease because of the undue stretching.

It seems apparent that the need for penis enlargement is independent of the needs of women, who are supposed to be the biggest beneficiaries of improved male sexual performance. 85% of women are comfortable with the penis size of their partners, while 45% of men want a more prominent organ. Most men fall within the normal size range of 5.5- 6.2 inches when erect, an indication that there are underlying factors for the need for a longer penis, and it is not necessarily about sexually satisfying the woman.

Whether size matters or not is an emotive issue that can bruise a man’s ego and the debate will last for many years to come. What men need to realize is that the most sensitive nerves in a woman are on the outer side of the vagina, mostly in the clitoris. Plenty of ways in which to please a woman exist, most of which have nothing to do with sex devices, creams, pills, or surgery.

Open discussion with one’s sexual partner should be enough to determine what is satisfying to both of them.

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