The innumerable successful cures effected by my method, also in the case of lupus, proves that in this disease, as in all others, my doctrine of the unity of disease holds true. I will here cite a case of lupus of general interest.

The patient was a lady, 41 years of age, and had been perfectly healthy until vaccinated in her second year; from that time dated her misery. After the vaccination, obstinate eruption of the skin occurred, which in her tenth year developed into lupus of the face.

For over thirty years this lady had suffered from this painfully disfiguring disease, without finding assistance anywhere, notwithstanding that she consulted many famous physicians. Her face was horrible to look at; in fact she could go nowhere without people turning their gaze from her with aversion. In this helpless condition she came to me, all the doctors having pronounced her disease incurable.

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My diagnosis showed an extremely favorable position of the encumbrance, so that I could assure her of good prospects of a rapid cure. This opinion was confirmed. After only a fortnight the disfiguring lupoid places on the face had undergone considerable change and were no longer quite so repulsive.

Her digestion, in particular, which had until now never received any attention, had also improved quite remarkably. The result was abnormal evacuations, whereby the morbid humours were expelled. In seven weeks the patient’s skin assumed the normal color.

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