In recent years, there has been an increased consumption of meat, refined foods, highly processed and packaged foods with assorted additives and preservatives. This practice has resulted in a marked increase in many chronic and degenerative diseases. The table below demonstrates the serious impact these harmful foods have on our society as a whole.

Nutrition-Related Diseases

Heart and vasculatory
Over 1,000,000 deaths in 1967
Respiratory and infectious
82,000 deaths per year
Mental health
2.5 percent of population
of 5.2 million people are severely or
totally disabled, 25 million
people have manifest disability.
Infant mortality and reproduction
Infant deaths in 1967—79,000
Early aging and lifespan
49.1 percent of population, about
102 million people have one or
more chronic impairments
16 million people affected
Dental health
44 millions with gingivitis;

23 million with advanced periodontal disease;

22 million endentulous persons;

1/2 of all people over 55 have no teeth.
Diabetes and Carbohydrate disorders.
3.9 million overt diabetic;
35,000 deaths in 1967;
79 percent of people
over 55 with impaired glucose tolerance.
3 million adolescents;
30 to 40 percent of adults;
60 to 70 percent over 40 years.
5 million alcoholics;
48.1 percent or 86 million people
over 3 years wear corrective lenses; 
81,000 become blind every year.
32 million people
(9%) have allergies
Kidney and renal failure
55,000 deaths from renal failure
200,000 with kidney stones
Musuclar  disorders
200,000 cases
600,000 people developed cancer in 1968
and the numbers increased
drastically every year since

Eliminate Junk Food For Better Health

It is well known that heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and cirrhosis of the liver are among the leading causes of disease in the United States today. What we must do is to remove the cause behind the cause. What caused the heart disease, stroke or cancer? As Hygienists we know that the underlying cause of all disease is toxicosis. But now we must ask ourselves another question. What caused the toxicosis to develop? Well, it could be a number of factors. But one of the main culprits is the junk food in our diet.

During a session of the Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs, Senator Charles H. Percy of Illinois stated that “experts have found enough incriminating evidence to conclude that our super-rich, fat-loaded, addictive and sugar-filled American diet is sending many of us to early graves unnecessarily.” He says that simple changes in the diet will product positive results in good health and agrees that this would be a far better choice than spending money for medical care.

Cellular Health Depends Upon The Quality of the Nutrients

The immune system, the blood, the fluids which bathe the tissues can be markedly influenced by the nutrients available to the body. In other words, the health of all our cells and tissues depends upon the quality of the nutrients which are available to them. When these nutrients have become altered or destroyed through processing, refining, cooking, etc., the health of the cells within the entire organism will decline as a result.

The Body Responds

The body responds to all influences and deals with them . as they arise. When we consume food which is laden with contaminants such as artificial preservatives and other additives, the body treats these as poisons and attempts to eliminate them as rapidly as possible.

Those substances which cannot be eliminated through regular channels of elimination are stored in the tissues and accumulate there. This forms the basis of a toxemic state. When toxins accumulate to a certain extent the body makes a concerted effort to rid itself of this unwanted debris.

Thus, we witness signs of acute disease. It may be in the form of a cold, bronchitis, flu, skin eruptions, diarrhea, etc. If at that point symptoms are suppressed, we have the basis for chronic degenerative disease.

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Eliminative Causes

In order to eliminate disease we must first eliminate the cause of disease. If you are consuming junk food, this practice must be stopped if health is to be regained. By junk food we mean foods that have been so altered and impaired in the process of manufacturing, bleaching, canning, cooking, preserving, pickling, etc., that they are no longer as well fitted to meet the needs of the body as they were in the state Nature prepared them.

We do not need junk foods. We can delight in the exquisitive flavors of all the fresh fruits which are so easily available now. These foods need no altering or refining to make them truly appealing.

A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is one which will result in true health and vigor. Eliminate junk foods and your body will respond favorably.

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