The moments just before falling asleep are important to every person. They contain latent power to transform one’s mental, moral and physical existence in an effective manner which, if properly utilized, may gradually alter one’s external environment and one’s internal character for the better. Even more important, one may use the potential power of these moments to alter his consciousness.

This exercise is done at night while lying in bed and before going to sleep. After making oneself comfortable and while lying on the back, one begins to construct scenes in which you permit yourself to become emotionally involved with your behavior on the projected screen.

To break an undesirable habit which is upsetting your life, taking compulsive overeating as an example, you begin in a manner similar to the following.

You see yourself sitting down at a table to eat a meal containing the foods you normally eat. If the table has dishes which you have found irresistible up to now, you see yourself eating the desired amount of each and then putting each dish away to go on to the next. If you want to give up the article of diet entirely, and if the food is cake or ice cream, you see yourself being offered the dish which you immediately refuse without hesitation and with strong determination. You should tell yourself that you are through with this food forever and that you even dislike it and will never desire it anymore.

Feel the strong dislike and intensity of your determination as you reject these undesired articles of diet. See yourself taking another food instead which is desirable in helping you reach your goal. If you want to learn to eat a food which is good for you, but which you don’t like, then feel and see yourself eating and liking it. Instead of the cake you take an apple, for example, or if you prefer, you get up from the table, tell yourself you are satisfied to end the meal here and see yourself sitting down in a comfortable chair away from the table.

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If you wish, visualize yourself taking a walk, or doing anything that will distract your mind from food. Try to make these scenes as vivid and realistic as though they were actually happening. The key here is to feel that you strongly desire the good act and that you strongly dislike the one you wish to give up.

The sharply-focused clearness and constant intensity of the images you produce will imprint themselves or your consciousness as you remain in this relaxed state. Choose images which are vivid and don’t allow them to become vague and dreamy. For best results, the imagination should be powerful, for here you are using imagination to make yourself over completely.

This should be supported by a firm faith, secure feeling and confidence that success will follow your efforts. These suggestions should be repeated over and over with the clear visualization of success being achieved. These repetitions are to be perservered in until you reach your final goal—that of eliminating a bad habit and replacing it with a good one.

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