1. Most condiments have no food value in themselves.
  2. Most condiments are partially or totally indigestible.
  3. Condiments are eaten for entertainment, not nourishment. Eating purely for entertainment’s sake is, as a rule, unwholesome, though, to be sure, proper foods are not only nourishing but also a delight to the palate.
  4. Condiments interfere with the digestion of the foods with which they are eaten, sometimes making a whole meal indigestible. Fifty percent of all meals eaten in America end in indigestion. Condiments share a large part of the responsibility for this.
  5. The poisonous elements of condiments (such as the mustard oil of onions, garlic, shallots, mustard, etc. or the allicin of garlic) cause injury in the body if absorbed, especially to the organs of purification and detoxification, such as the liver and kidneys.
  6. Our ability to savor flavors is destroyed by condiments. That which overly excites our taste buds slowly destroys our sense of taste.
  7. Condiments cause disease! Headaches, high blood pressure, edema and a long list of other conditions are directly traceable to such condiments as MSG, salt, vinegar, etc. 

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