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If cooked and processed foods, meat, coffee, tea and other beverages are so poisonous, how come 75% of our population live to be 70 to 80, some even older? If dead food and poisonous foods are so bad, that doesn’t seem right. There is some contradiction in your teachings somewhere along the way. Please explain.

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Your question really opens a can of worms!
First, there are some unwarranted assumptions, namely that people live to be 70 or 80 on an exclusively dead food diet containing poisonous beverages and processed foods. That is not true. Most people do get raw foods almost on a daily basis. It is because of these foods that we survive as well as we do. The main thing humans require in their food intake is fuel, and cooked foods do furnish this.

But they also give an unwanted product—poisonous ashes which result from the breakdown or destruction of food from heat. These poisonous ashes are not as readily observable as ashes in a fireplace or from a cigarette, but they are there nonetheless. Consuming ash-laden food is destructive. It is by a thin margin that we last as long as we do.

The human body is marvelously complex. It has hundred of defensive mechanisms to protect it against the ravages of poisons. The body has a tremendous capacity for throwing off poisons. But this capacity is best not used because each bout with poisons lowers our vitality until finally we become the whimpering suffering bunch that the majority of us really are. Did you know that over 50% of Americans suffer from some serious chronic illness? Did you know Americans suffer over 600 million colds a year? Did you know that 50 percent of American meals end up in indigestion? Did you know that 45 percent of Americans die of heart problems? Another 20 percent from cancer?

Humans are hard to kill—that’s all that your question indicates. If we look into the factors of longevity, we see that disease and suffering are very, very common among Americans. It’s incredible that many live to 70 or 80! But, if we lived healthily we might live to well over 100 on the average—without any suffering! America is so bad off healthwise that I can say there’s a 99% chance that you have bad teeth, a 72 percent probability that you have less than perfect eyesight (perfect is normal), a 50 percent chance that you have some nagging perpetual ailment, and so on.

Yes, it is remarkable that the human body can take so much punishment and yet survive. But that is no reason to continue the abuse of our highly-developed organism. It will be so much more serviceable and perform so much better if it is accorded the care it requires. In this regard it is like an automobile. But, unlike an automobile, we cannot replace it. Attempts are made to replace body parts but this is often unsuccessful or unsatisfactory because the body rejects alien tissues.

Do you know what happens to those who don’t get enough nutrients and who consume junk food and other poisonous substances? Have you ever wondered why cancer is now our number one child killer? The truth is that junk foods, cokes and sodas, meats, eggs, etc. cannot make healthy (normal) cells. Without the minimum nutrients needed the powers of life wane and the poisons wreak their havoc until leukemia or other cancers result.

One of the most prominent features of our way of life is our prevalent disease and suffering. The average Chinaman is a living example of fitness and well-being compared with the average American. Yet this is not to praise the Chinese mode of living. Rather, theirs is simply much less harmful than our own. They do so many more things that are right by their bodies than we do.

Americans play the game of Russian roulette with their bodies. But it’s our life, not a game. Learn how to live healthfully. Then apply what you know. Put what you’re learning into practice now.

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