The term “allergy” denotes that the allergic person reacts to contact—either through the mouth, nose or skin—with certain substances in a way that is different from the response of normal people. It is said that his body tissues have greater sensitivity than those of nonallergics. When he is exposed to offending allergens, his “changed reaction” reveals itself in characteristic symptoms—red eyes, running nose, rashes, headaches, of abdominal distress. To most people, a plate of strawberries or tomatoes is an innocent and delicious repast.

Yet in certain men, women and even small babies, these foods cause a severe rash, swollen eyes or an asthmatic attack. It is considered that these people are otherwise healthy, energetic folk, but in the language of the day, “allergic to strawberries or tomatoes.”

The term “allergy” is a catch-all term which is now generally used to describe the cause of all symptoms whose existence otherwise baffles the practitioners. It has been said that many individuals are “allergic” to their own bodies and hence get sick because of this.

There are no essential differences between hay fever and asthma; in the one, hay fever, the nasal portion of the respiratory tract is affected; in the other, the bronchi (air tubes) are affected. In many instances, both are affected. Hay fever is inaccurately named, for the condition is not caused by hay and there is no fever.

Its well-known symptoms—itching eyes, nose and roof of mouth; nasal obstruction; paroxysms of sneezing; inflamed eyes; and a watery discharge are “triggered'” by the airborne pollens of various plants, especially ragweed and grasses. Molds, dust, particularly house dust; hair of dogs, cats, horses and cows; feathers of chickens, ducks, and geese: and orris root, the base of almost all cosmetic powders, are other triggering agents.

Asthma is labored breathing occurring in paroxysms upon expiration and is accompanied by wheezing, coughing, slow respiration, sweating, blueness of skin (cyanosis) and coldness of extremities. The muscular coats of the bronchi become spastic (tightened and contracted) and occlude the lumen (bore) or the air tubes thus causing difficulty in expiration. These acute paroxysms occur at varying intervals and degrees of severity. Night “attacks'” are common. The “attack” may last only for minutes, or it may continue for many hours or days. Between “attacks” the patient is seemingly quite well.

The medical profession believes that the fundamental cause of allergy is the powerful body chemical, histamine; this is the trigger that supposedly touches off the allergic attack. Irritated by offending pollen or food, histamine, it is said, lights the fuse for an explosion of sneezing, wheezing, coughing or itching. The profession has not yet found an explanation of why certain people become hypersensitive to certain irritants. It is believed that this reaction is due to some defect in the allergic person’s tissues which cause the production of too much histamine when in contact with allergenic substances.

Despite the use of anti-histamines, adrenalin, nasal sprays, injections and drops, ephedrine, A.C.T.H., cortisone, inoculations and “patch tests,” “allergies” are growing increasingly wider in scope and more aggravating symptomatically.

These drugs are complicating the symptoms, causing chronicity and precipitating the appearance of so-called “side effects”: heart palpitation, nausea, nervousness, skin rashes, dizziness, sleepiness, stupor, chills, and headaches. Their poison effects are more devastating than the “disease” they are supposed to “cure.”

Throughout the entire body—in the skin, mucous membrane of the nose, mouth and eyes; joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and most organs and glands—there exist tiny, microscopic nerve-end receptors. These infinitesimal nerve receptors mediate, variably, sensations of pain, touch, pressure, heat and cold to the deeper-lying nerves and spinal cord of the body.

Some of these sensations are transmitted to the brain for conscious perception. When we live incorrectly by indulging in wrong food habits, wrong thinking and getting insufficient sleep, fresh air and exercise, our bodies become depleted of nerve energy.

This state of enervation leads to lowered metabolism and elimination of the wastes, and the tissues, bloodstream, organs and nerve-end receptors become toxemic. The latter may be “weak links” (susceptibility) in the body due to many factors. If this is so, the individual will become hypersensitive to all the triggering elements mentioned above and hay fever and asthma will be manifested.

Thus, the basic cause of these derangements, as in all other disease states, is the mode of life pursued which leads to vital energy depletion with consequent toxemia formation. So-called heredity plays some part in these processes, where hay fever and asthma come down on one side of the family. These families are likely to violate natural laws in the same manner from generation to generation. If the unhygienic living habits of the family were changed, the hypersensitivity or “allergy” would cease.

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Most of these who have acquired this shortcoming began gathering these undesirable conditions unto themselves as children by their manner of living. This is not their fault but the fault of parents who stuff them with milk and devitalized products until they become catarrhal and “diseased” in other ways. They become so acidic that health is impossible; hypersensitivity is produced and causes hay fever and asthma.

When we live correctly, our bodies maintain a normal alkaline balance and we are free from all sickness. Wrong eating, wrong drinking and wrong living in all areas produce subnormal health.

Health is the characteristic of people who live according to nature’s principles and who eat “good foods.” The latter are foods which are very close to their natural state and not, as is the case with most of the food of civilized peoples today, the end products of a whole series of disruptive processes of refining and preserving. All these meddlings break up the foods and divorce them from their natural state and composition.

Abstention from all food (fasting) for several days has marked beneficial results with these “allergies.” Improvement might be said to be extremely dramatic. Only ingestion of distilled water is permitted during this time. Following the fast, freshly-expressed fruit arid vegetable juices are given in minimal quantities for a few days, followed by a fresh, raw fruit, vegetable, nut and seed regimen. Fresh air is a necessary factor in returning vibrant health as well as is a correct mental attitude.

By taking the mental attitude of healthfulness, one can often ward things off. But if one takes the attitude that a certain calamity is to befall, one mentally cooperates to bring it about. We have seen people apparently sick due to fear, worry and depression, and yet when the mind was diverted into constructive channels, they become happy and hopeful within a few minutes. The conditions were not changed; the thoughts of the sick person were re-routed.

It you or a loved one or a friend are victims of your transgressions and have developed hay fever or asthma, you can surely become free of these annoying and debilitating manifestations by ceasing your faulty living habits and adopting the principles of nature. Only in this manner will you gain efficiency, effectiveness and true happiness.

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