Fruitarianism For Health And Long Life

Great as the improvement is in my bodily condition, the change for the better in my mental and intellectual faculties has kept pace with it. My father, when past fifty years, became a hypochondriac and also looked at life from a very gloomy point of view. When I approached the half century, I too, developed this pessimistic inclination, and I had quite accepted my fate—that I was to be an outspoken hypochondriac.

I was dissatisfied with myself and my surroundings and gave up the hope of ever reaching a better condition. Every year onwards seemed to prove to me certainly that life was not worth living!

Especially did I notice this despondent mood on awakening in the morning, when sometimes an actual fear of impending disaster would get hold of me and render my life absolutely miserable.

All this is gone now; hypochondria and despondency are long left behind. Out of the pessimist preparing for death has developed an irrepressible optimist who feels he should live a full century and spread the joyful gospel of health and rejuvenation among suffering humanity with all his youthful vigour and endurance.

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Intellectually, the improvement is just as marked—my memory is vastly improved and I can concentrate my thoughts now as I never could before. Out of a decided follower of authority, public Vaccinator, etc., I have developed into a self-thinking critic, an intellectual seeker after truth. I have been able not only to get rid of an incalculable amount of old and erroneous ideas, but to go in for quite a few fields of study and observation with a zest and interest I had not known since my days at the University:

Time never hangs heavily now; all my different occupations, studies and enterprises are treated with the same absorbing interest. Still, I find time for play and exercise with the very fascinating babies in my family and for a social chat with friends in the evening.

I have no fear of any disease nor any common everyday accident, as I now know my body creates the disease and is quite able to cope with accidents. I make my plans with the firm conviction that many useful years are yet in store for me and that mine should be a green old age with a quiet, painless death as the closure of my visible existence when the doors open into Life Eternal.

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