Obviously, if we are to be successful in our endeavors, we are called upon to have faith in the fact that what we do is correct. If we are not convinced that our program has merit, that it will bring health; indeed, that it is the only possible way to achieve a better life for ourselves, then we will never reach our goal. Even a poor regimen will often produce astounding results, if the patient believes with all his/her heart that it will make him/her better. And how much more spectacular the results can be when the regimen adopted is one in perfect harmony with our body’s needs.

Once upon a time, or so the story goes, there was a Sultan who, for some time now, had been very, very ill. He was much beloved by his people and they begged his learned physicians to make him well. The exalted men of science had given him numerous remedies and drugs, they had bled him and given him snuff, this being the medical custom of that day. But, it had all been to no avail. The Sultan continued to grow ever weaker.

At length, one of his physicians, wise among men, instructed the Sultan’s craftsmen to fashion a hammer of wood. He told them to make a hollow hammer, both the ball and handle were to be hollow inside. When they had finished the hammer, they were instructed to bring it to the sage together with a block of wood fashioned in a hollow cube. And so it was done, according to the wise man’s instructions.

When the hollow hammer and the hollow cube were brought to the exalted one, he filled them, each in turn, with many different drugs, remedies selected by the most learned men in the kingdom. They came from far and wide with offerings of their art. When all the hollow parts were filled, he instructed the craftsmen to seal up the hammer and the block so that none of the powerful and exotic drugs could escape. Then, the wise one went to the Sultan, there on his bed so close to death, and directed that the bed and the Sultan be lifted up and carried out of doors into the open courtyard. And, it was so done.

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The great man told the king that, early in the morning before “breaking fast,” he was to strike the hollow cube with the hollow hammer, now filled with the potent drugs, until such time as the Sultan should sweat profusely. He told the poor sick king that the aroma wafting from the drugs encased within the wood would, in this manner, be gently wafted about his royal person and, at the proper time, the Sultan would be cured. Day after day, the king followed instructions. And, it came to pass as it had been predicted.

The Sultan grew strong and vigorous, the people rejoiced and waxed eloquent in their praise of the wise physician. He was given much gold and silver and robes of purple and gold.

While this is only an allegory from the Arabian Nights, it imparts to those who see and understand, much wisdom. It tells us the futility of using drugs in any program for health. By inference, we know that it was not the drugs that brought the gift of life, but rather exercise, rest, fresh air, pure water, time and FAITH. Faith plus the doing can make health happen!

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