Juicing is such a hot topic right now. What could be better than have a glass of delicious, freshly squeezed juice every day? Forget about commercially mass produced juice you can buy everywhere. It’s a garbage! Not healthy at all. On the other side buying small $6 juices at your local juice bar on a regular basis will ruin your personal finance sooner or later. So what is the best option? MAKE YOUR OWN. Mr. Juicer is here to help you out!

The first step – buy the best juicer for your needs

The most important step when starting with home juicing is to choose a quality juicer. It does NOT need to be an expensive one, but it’s extremely important to realize what your expectations are. Is orange/lemon juice all you need? Would you like home-made almond milk as well? Or maybe you want to enjoy health benefits of wheatgrass juice, hmm?

Doesn’t sound so simple anymore, right? Choosing the best juicer that will really fit every range of needs is a difficult thing to do. Juicers on the market can go for price anywhere between $20 and $600. I want to help you not to overpay for marketing traps, or low-quality junk that produce a lot of juice, but destroys the health benefits during the process. Remember – a single glass of quality juice will do more than a gallon of colorful, sweet water.

What Is the Best Juicer?

Now that you see the numerous ways fruits and vegetable juices can help you, you should be more interested in getting your own. You must also know about the types of juicers on the market in order for you to find out which one would be most useful for you.

There are a variety of juicers that you can find in the market and depending on your needs, one of them should work perfectly for you. Try to read through their descriptions and see which one is the best fit for you.

  1. Citrus– Based on the name, these are mainly used for citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes. Their function is to extract fruit juices with the use of pressure. There are electric and non electric models of these types of juicers. This is what most people who are going through weight loss programs and those who are dieting use. The reason for that is because citrus fruits are the best fruits for dieting. An individual can simply get a citrus fruit and divide it into two, press it face down onto eh spinning cone and voila, the fruit juice is available.
  1. Centrifugal– This type is for those people who don’t want to exert effort juicing. The only manual labor one can do is the cutting of the fruits or vegetables before loading them into the chute of the juicer. After that, the fruits will be chopped further by the spinning basket and then grates it to allow the liquid to come out. The pulps can be easily collected within the walls of the basket. Centrifugal juicers have different models and use such as :
  • Non Ejection Type– This is the basic type which processes the fruits or vegetables with the use of the shredder disc that spins in high motion. This juicer is very convenient since the spinning basket keeps the pulp inside while the juice passes through the holes that are in the stainless basket. The liquid juice then comes out from the spout, which can be found in the form side of the juicer. This can create beverages good for two but has a longer cleanup time compared to the automatic ejection type.
  • Automatic Ejection Type– This type is easier to use as well as clean compared to the non-ejection type of centrifugal juicer. The same process is done, cut fruits or vegetables then put inside the chute. It automatically separated the juice from the pulp and proceeds inside a canister located at the back of the juicer. This type is perfect if you need to produce juice for large quantity. This is great for family use of group gatherings. Cleaning this juicer is much easier compared to non ejection type.
  • Automatic Ejection Juicer with Extra Large Feeding Chutes– This is the third type of centrifugal juicers which functions almost the same as the second one. The automatic ejection juicer however; this has a larger 3-inch diameter feeding chutes. Compared to the other types, there is no need to cut the fruits or vegetables. The preparation time is less long with the use of this juicer since they are very fast but still cleaning is made easy. The yield of this type is actually lesser compared to the other two.
  • Single Auger Juicer– This is actually one of the latest types of juicers on the market. It gives more advantages compared to the rest. Only one auger is used that moves at around 80rpm (revolution per minute). It squeezes the fruit or vegetable then presses it forward while the juice goes into one container and the pulp moves to another. This type, which uses a low rpm and is better at preserving nutrient value because the heat used is lesser as well as the friction and the oxidation. Another exemplary capability of this juicer is its ability to juice leafy greens easily and juice wheatgrass, which is not something other juicers can do. It also has a capacity in creating pasta shapes like linguine and spaghetti, which makes it perfect for household or restaurant use. Cleaning this type of juicer is also very simple since the pulp and skins are already separated inside the receptacle. It can make frozen fruit desserts, baby foods and nut butters just like all masticating juicers.
  1. Masticating– Speed is not the strongest function of this type of juicer, unlike the other types. However, it is proven to effectively extract all the liquids from your fruits or vegetables. It basically chews the fruits or vegetables to remove the juice from it. What works like its teeth are the auger with blades, which grinds the fruits or vegetables afterwards squeezes the juice from it. This is much heavier compared to the rest of the juicers and is less attractive among them. The use of masticating juicers is undeniably greater and more versatile. You can make baby foods, fruit desserts or nut butters with it. There are two types of masticating juicers and these are:
  • Twin Gear Juicer-This is the second type of masticating juicer, which has inter-meshing twin steel gears that squeeze and press fruits and vegetables. It has a high nutrient value since it operates below 200 rpm and can also juice leafy vegetables and wheatgrass. It can also create pasta shapes, frozen fruit desserts, baby foods and nut butters. This type is used more by raw food eaters because of its products that are of a higher nutritional value. Unfortunately, however, these are heavier and larger and costs more compared to the rest of the other juicers because of its versatility.

How Much Does the Best Juicer Cost?

Learning everything about juicers should give you enough information to determine which one will be the most useful for you. The last question left to be answered is how much does it cost? Since there are different types of juicers, there should also be a wide range of corresponding prices. Those products that have lesser use and shorter life spans will definitely have a lower price tag. Citrus Juicers costs between $15 up to $250. Centrifugal Juicers cost between $50 to $450 and the Masticating Juicers are worth $50 to $550.

It doesn’t always go to show that the more expensive the product, the more reliable it is. Everything still depends on how it is being used and being cared for. However, the materials used on products, which are more expensive are of higher quality compared to those that cost less. One must remember though, that when it comes to health, money should never be an issue. Your health is your most prized possession and having something that can prolong and improve it should be a priority. Juicers can add more years to your life because of their capacity to provide you with highly nutritious food. There should never be a question in your head whether you should purchase one or not.

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