The basic grains used worldwide are wheat, rice, oats, rye, barley, millet, corn. Grains have been the mainstay of whole populations—particularly rice and wheat. The reason for this universal reliance on grains is the ease of cultivation, the short growing and maturing time and the facility of bulk transportation and storage for long periods of time. Grains used today are generally refined products and constituted almost exclusively of starch.

Cereals and grains, in their whole grain dry state, may contribute beneficially to the diet of man. But it must be pointed out that even in their most complete state they are not a necessary food and are quite inferior to true foods for man—vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Refined flour (made from any of the grains) is a devitalized substance not suited for human consumption. In fact, it contributes to the general degeneration of those who consume it. It has become one of the principal items in the diets of modern men in the form of bread, rolls, cakes, cookies, spaghetti, etc.

There is no way that such devitalized flour can be ‘revitalized,’ ‘enriched’ or in any way improved by the addition of elements needed in nutrition (vitamins, minerals, etc.). It remains a nonfood, pure starch, of the worst order. Breads and pastries as the “staple” of the diets of modern life are the source of much of the physical distress of man.

Cereals in the form to be soaked and cooked and the roasted flaked cereals in common use today are produced from denatured grains and are a true curse to mankind. These devitalized substances, further adulterated with sugar, salt, preservatives, chemicals, coloring and artificial flavoring, are contributing to the rapid proliferation of disease among modern man.

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Cereals and cereal products (starches) are among the most difficult substances to digest when eaten alone. When eaten in combination with protein, the results are disastrous, resulting in extreme fermentation, gas, acids and intoxication.

Cereal starches require about 10 times longer to digest than do potato starches—the longer the digestion period, the more the fermentation.

Cereals, grains and all concentrated starch foods are unwholesome for human consumption and should be carefully omitted from any health-promoting diet.

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