You'll often hear me on this blog saying that there is nothing quite like owning a Vitamix.

The problem many people have is that they are unable to afford to the best of the best.

This leads many people to head over to their local chain store and purchase an Oster or KitchenAid, thinking every blender is the same and that just because the better brands blend quickly, that you'll be patient and just blend it for longer and get the same results.

That couldn't be further away from the truth as you'll literally burn through those motors and you'll have a dead unit on your hands. Not to mention the already lackluster blades that make a terrible shake in working condition.

So what to do? Where to turn?

If you don't mind going with a different brand, Ninja blenders are relatively cheap. They are still a quality blender for a great price that will serve you well.

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However, when compared to a Vitamix blender it will always lose in terms of how well the ingredients are mixed and how quickly they are blended. By a tiny margin at least.

They also don't have the added features of being able to make soup, they don't have the 7-year warranty, and many more positives.

Is a Vitamix Refurbished the Solution to this Problem?

The great news is that they cost around $100 less vs. full price for a new one, which saves you a lot of money, but also they are a certified Vitamix refurbished unit by the company themselves so you are getting it done professionally, repackaged, and given a warranty on the unit as well.

If you're buying it brand new, you're getting a 7 year warranty and a brand new model so you would have to decide which is the better option for you.

If you're still skeptical about buying something refurbished, you can see the reviews for the product on Amazon's review page which have nothing but good words about.

Literally, there is not one bad review for the refurbished model, which is only a bonus after getting such a discount.

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