As someone who has repeatedly recommended the highest quality blenders on this website, I was on a mission to try to find a blender below the $100 mark that will help people become healthier on a budget.

Let’s see if “you get what you paid for” applies here as we search for the best blenders under 100 dollars that can compete with the Vitamix to some degree.

Spoiler alert! We do find one!

KitchenAid KSB1575ER

Whilst just a couple of dollars above $100, it is right on the border and I figured I’d analyze the best possible KitchenAid model around that price point. You can find this blender on many online retailers as well as retail stores. This is because the KitchenAid brand is a very popular brand known for its kitchen appliances.

Where the company excels may be elsewhere than its blenders.

While being BPA-free is a big bonus for health reasons, this model uses too much plastic in its design that ends up being detrimental to its mechanical functioning.

The gear that rotates the blades is made of plastic versus metal used in the better brands. What this does is after a certain amount of uses, the plastic will wear out, leading to a malfunctioning unit.

This is especially worrisome since the company only offers a 1 year warranty while others offer up to 7.

The problems continue for this model as users have reported that the bottom seal tends to leak for some and that it’s not easy to clean.

Montel Williams HealthMaster

Any time a celebrity attaches his or her name to a product, it’s a big enough reason to be skeptical because you wonder how much this person had to do with creating this product. Let’s be honest, is Montel Williams an engineering expert?

My suspicions were confirmed and I wrote about it in this post, but this summary will likely be enough.

Whenever checking for product reviews, it’s normal for there to be a certain amount of 1-star ratings because some people are irrationally angry and want people to hear them. Some are even from competitors.

However, you should be concerned if you see a near equal amount of 5-star reviews as 1-star reviews. A large portion of 5-star reviews can be because these people have only used the product once.

The reviews for the Montel Williams blender have met both criteria as people who are rating the product negatively are those who have said that after extensive use, the motor tends to give out.

Ninja NJ600

This one is a bit tricky to rate. The NJ600 model is under $100 but there are much better Ninja models that you can buy for a bit more that would make it so much better to have.

While a Vitamix would cost over $300, many Ninjas are just above $100 and they are a great alternative.

Back to the blender at hand, if you have been looking for a machine to blend ice and make smooth smoothies (pun intended), then this is the best you can get under $100.

Keep in mind, it won’t touch the better Ninja models or come close to the Vitamix, but it will save you a lot of money if that’s what you are looking for.

Ninja blenders have removable blades that make it a breeze to clean whereas the other companies do not offer such options. Also, the jugs are BPA-free and come as an entire piece so you won’t get leaks like you do with the KitchenAid.

I will, however, recommend that you go with the BL660 for just a few dollars more.

The BL660 has more Watts, which means that it outputs more power and create better blends. It also comes with a Nutri Ninja that will make personal-sized smoothies for whenever you’re just making them for yourself. In addition to that, you get a travel cup that allows you to take your drinks for moments on-the-go.

Personal Blenders

Personal blenders are small-sized blenders that make single portions. While they do not always have the best quality in terms of mixing, they are great for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of all of the cleaning involved with bigger jugs.

For more information on these, please check out our Personal Blender Showdown.

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